Eyewitness: ‘It Was Absolutely Bulger I Saw’ In 2006

Past Southern California sightings and tips that were never followed may well have been right: It was Whitey.

One of the best of the hundreds of Bulger sightings people have called in to me over the years was from a law enforcement guy in San Diego a couple of years ago.

Now that Bulger’s been arrested in California, where’s he’s said to have lived for years, that call and others warrant a second look.

“What do his legs look like?” was the first question out of the guy’s mouth. The guy he’d seen was wearing shorts.

Check out the article I wrote for the Boston Phoenix in 2007. Now consider the phone call I got Thursday morning, the morning after Bulger was arrested in California not far from where I had last heard from the cop back in 2007.

Here’s the message:

Hey. It’s your buddy in sunny San Diego, where crime bosses wear shorts and walk around downtown. What comes around, goes around, huh buddy?

Having seen our photo of Bulger being booked Thursday, my “buddy” says he’s absolutely the same guy who was wearing shorts that day in San Diegeo at the premiere of the movie “The Departed.”

You can’t make this stuff up.


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3 thoughts on “Eyewitness: ‘It Was Absolutely Bulger I Saw’ In 2006

  1. Phyllis Craine

    I think I saw Whitey as well. I’ll never know for sure of course.  It was the summer of 1997.  My husband and I were South Boston at Castle Island with our twins who were 6 months old.  We were pushing them
    in their stroller and this elderly man who was with a younger man walked
    by and he smiled at them.  What I noticed is that many people out that
    day glanced over at him as if they knew who he was but no one spoke to
    him.  And then I saw that famous photo of Whitey and Kevin Weeks (also taken at
    Castle Island) and it looked exactly like the men I saw.  I honestly thought this would never happen but then I felt the same way about the Red Sox.

  2. Littlesweetie2all

    I’m gonna comment till my fingers hurt … Eye witness in 2006 ? Let me guess … Nothing was done yet again ??? I already commented on one story all ready … The one about Keith Messina making tip but woman from Iceland getting all ??? I won’t rest till others like Keith Messina get what they should & that means sharing the reward …. HONESTLY !!!!