Boston May Jump On Four Loko Ban-Wagon

Four Loko alcoholic energy drinks (Elaine Thompson/AP)

Four Loko alcoholic energy drinks (Elaine Thompson/AP)

Universal Hub reports the Boston City Council may be going Loko:

City councilors John Connolly and Mark Ciommo — whose Allston/Brighton district is loaded with the sort of people who might drink the stuff — want to convene a session to consider “any appropriate action” the city could take against Four Loko.

Four Loko is the carbonated energy drink with as much alcohol as a bottle of wine and as much caffeine as a six-pack of Diet Coke. Each can carries seven warning labels.

What’s known as “blackout in a can” is popular with the college set. On Halloween, a Northeastern student was hospitalized after drinking Four Loko and vodka (c’mon, really?) at an MIT party.

New York state has banned the drink, and other states may follow suit. (My question is: Can Boston ban the sale of a beverage that is legal? I am not a lawyer.)

The company behind Four Loko, Phusion Projects of Chicago, says alcohol-caffeine drinks are safe and not novel. The company has written an open letter to state and federal regulators asking for fair treatment amid the media hype.

The FDA has yet to weigh in.

Update: The state plans to file new regulations Friday that would effectively ban Four Loko in Massachusetts, WBZ reports.

5 thoughts on “Boston May Jump On Four Loko Ban-Wagon

  1. lisa meyer

    why do we have to ban every thing , really , if you can handle it don’t drink it, it’s strong . i’ll go to N.H. to get it , i allready go there to get my cigs, mass sucks.

  2. steph

    that really is ridiculous theres no reason to ban something just cuz a few ppl are being idiots with it, how many times has a drunk driver crashed and killed themselves or someone else and alcohol hasnt been banned completely? GIMME MA LOKO

  3. Peter

    They should ban this stuff, along with cheap beer! Why buck the trend of this kind of commercialized movement when we can make our own beer in the fair state of Massachusetts??