WBUR GM: Williams’ Firing Was ‘Appropriate’ — But We Had Nothing To Do With It

After receiving hundreds of calls and e-mails from WBUR listeners, General Manager Paul La Camera released a carefully worded statement supporting NPR’s decision to fire Juan Williams — though it could have been “handled better,” he said — while reminding listeners that WBUR played no part in the decision:

While these events can always be handled better, the decision by the management of NPR to separate Juan Williams was obviously not based on a single debatable episode but rather on a series of breaches in recent periods that brought into question the journalistic integrity of NPR.

This decision was appropriately made on the national level and without the consultation or involvement of independent local stations like WBUR.

It is important to note that NPR and WBUR are separate entities. Content on WBUR comprises a variety of national and local sources, one of which is NPR. However, a plurality of our station’s programming originates here in Boston, including On Point, Here & Now, Radio Boston and the work of WBUR’s 30-person newsroom dedicated to reporting local content that is interwoven throughout the day.

Journalistic integrity and trust are the absolute bedrock principles of any news organization. We at WBUR support NPR or any news organization for that matter in its determination to protect those hallmarks.

As I wrote yesterday, some listeners are withdrawing their financial support of WBUR to protest Willliams’ termination by NPR.

5 thoughts on “WBUR GM: Williams’ Firing Was ‘Appropriate’ — But We Had Nothing To Do With It

  1. Bob

    What a cop out.

    NPR should be a place where the exchange of ideas is of primary importance.

    It was a knee jerk reaction…and an embarassment.

    I would’ve hoped that BUR would scold NPR for another bad decision.

    Looks like WBUR is afraid to challenge the decision makers at NPR.

  2. Lee Smith

    I would recommend boycotting all NPR affiliated stations — perhaps we can get through to NPR as to how wrong they were no matter what George Soros and his $$$$$ say.

  3. Buleigh

    Though NPR wishes to be the standard-bearer of journalistic integrity by promoting tolerance and pluralistic thought, it should look in the mirror and hold its management to those same ideals. Did the decision-makers consider the fodder (unfortunately, with good reason) they have just given to the immovable extremists in our country that they are trying to marginalize? Years of great journalism and credibility have just received a huge blow. But let’s not forget that while NPR may have just dipped its toes in ideology, the Foxes out there have been guilty of bathing in dogma for years.

  4. Lincoln Anderson

    This is a Gross Double Standard
    I have heard strident left wing political, social and religious opinions voiced by NPR analysts and reporters so, so, many times on WBUR, public speeches and on network television over last weeks, months and years. Juan will do fine, but I am sickened by your willingness to embrace this aweful decision and then look the other way at all the other NPR staffers’ behaviour – how hypocritical can you get! I will do my best to stop my tax dollars from being sent your way.