Fact Check: Palin Calls For Congress To ‘Defund’ NPR

Every time NPR makes a controversial decision, some unhappy people demand the federal government cut its funding.

Sarah Palin, Juan Williams, Mike Huckabee (AP)

Sarah Palin, Juan Williams, Mike Huckabee (AP)

This time, it’s former Govs. Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich — paid Fox News contributors — who are jumping to the defense of Juan Williams after his unceremonious firing.

Thing is, NPR receives no direct funding from the federal government for operations. More on that in a moment.

In an open letter to President Obama, Palin writes:

NPR is unable to tolerate an honest debate about an issue as important as Islamic terrorism, then it’s time for “National Public Radio” to become “National Private Radio.” It’s time for Congress to defund this organization.

And Huckabee, in a statement provided to CNN, says:

“It is time for the taxpayers to start making cuts to federal spending, and I encourage the new Congress to start with NPR,” he said.

And now the AP reports:

In response to the firing, South Carolina Republican U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint planned to introduce legislation to end federal funding for NPR, his spokesman Wesley Denton said Thursday night. Denton said the senator would expand upon his proposal in a statement on Friday.

I said it before, but I’ll say it again: NPR receives no direct funding from the federal government for operations. Here is a breakdown of NPR’s funding sources, as provided by NPR.org:

No federal funding here. (NPR)

No federal funding here. (NPR)

The largest share of NPR funding comes from its member stations (including WBUR).

The local stations receive some funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a taxpayer-funded, nonprofit, private corporation, created by Congress in 1967. (Think of it like the Red Cross.)

NPR does receive grants from CPB for special projects, but that funding is not included as part of the network’s operations budget.

So while federal dollars do flow to NPR, the connection is indirect. It may be a fine point, but it’s an important distinction. The federal government can’t “defund” NPR. What Congress can do is cut CPB funding — which has diminished over the years and has, at times, been threatened.

But those CPB funds play a minor role for a large-market station like WBUR (around 6 percent) and represents a much higher percentage for a station in a smaller market, such as Wyoming and Idaho.

Calls to cut taxpayer funding of CPB would mostly hurt small stations — stations that played no part in the decision to fire Juan Williams.

79 thoughts on “Fact Check: Palin Calls For Congress To ‘Defund’ NPR

  1. Jeff Eyestone

    The government shouldn’t be giving money to you anyway. NPR’s employee hiring/firing doesn’t figure in to my opinion. I can certainly understand how NPR (with their slanted and politically correct views) would not take his statement the way it was actually presented. I think you guys were looking for a reason to can him. He kind of bugs me too.

  2. Andrew Phelps Post author


    CPB grants come from federal dollars but do not constitute part of NPR’s regular operations budget. In other words, NPR can apply for grant funding for special projects, but it is not a recurring budget item.

    Hope that makes sense.


  3. Kate

    Thanks for this dose of sanity. I’d also add that if Sarah Palin and others want “an honest debate about an issue as important as Islamic terrorism,” they should listen to the numerous installments of On Point and other programs that offered just that. I reject their implication that a news analyst saying he’s afraid of “Muslims in Muslim garb” is part of such an honest debate.

  4. Brian

    What young, uninformed, Jeff Eyestone fails to grasp is that the conservative pundits that NPR features far outnumber liberal pundits on their programs. Reporters rarely -if ever- show bias.

    A former I served with soldier I served with considered NPR liberal because they weren’t conservative! (where are you now, Jason Reed?)

  5. Sam Briggs

    I do listen to NPR (via WBUR) and enjoy most of the content – however with that said, the firing of Williams for making a comment regarding his personal opinion about Muslims which was not insulting in any way displays how left-wing NPR and WBUR have become. Let’s not forget, all 9-11 Terrorists were Muslims, but not all Muslims are Terrorists. If there was a serial murder in your town who was described as a white male with black hair and blue eyes and you came across someone who fit this description in your neighborhood, would you not think twice about it? This is all that Williams stated – the obvious. Rather than discuss the facts of fanatic terrorists, NPR would rather keep the facts in the closet and not discuss them. And… Tom Ashbrook often interjects his own opinions on the stories he covers and because they are liberal views, no concerns are ever raised.

    And if NPR doesn’t need the subsidiaries to function as according Andrew and CEO Schiller, let’s end them: our national budget including our national debt could sure use that funding back.

  6. Dean

    If NPR competed the way all other media entities have to compete, they would go the way of the now defunct Air America. If they have any integrity, they would refuse to accept ANY federal funds no matter how they are used. Quit trying to split hairs. I don’t care what the money is used for.

  7. Jeff Eyestone

    Brian on October 22, 2010, at 12:23 PM

    I said slanted, didn’t say left or right! Sounds like you’re the one that thinks that it might be to the left. Also, thanks for the “young” part.

  8. nomorefundingforantiamericangroups

    NPR and PBS DO get hundreds of millions of Federal dollars….just because it is done is a rather sneaky fashion mostly thru the 900 local stations doesn’t make it any less taxpayer monies! Time to cut off those commie crapweasel’s funding…if you want to hear the crap they are pushing then go ahead and pay for it privately…and good luck to you!

  9. Richard from Georgia

    I’m sure WBUR is a fine station pulling yeoman service. Your missive misses the point even as you correctly point out that, while not covering the full boat, you DO get federal tax money for your operation. It’s called a SHELL GAME in any other sense as a portion of that money, and no doubt more of your local money, goes back to NPR for programming. So, let’s get down to the reality of why all stations like WBUR are going to have to tighten their belt and count on missing that federal money in short order … such is my dream:

    1. The only correct way that federal money should be used, and I don’t think it should be at all, is if you are willing to also come under a regulatory “Fairness Doctrine”. The reason is that NPR and local affiliates cannot be totally apolitical, nor do I think they should be. If you have never lived under a “Fairness Doctrine” as it once existed, you will not like going there for one simple reason. It will convert whatever free-speech rights a station THINKS it has into millions of dollars worth of legal fees in an FCC hearing room brought on by this nation’s whiners and moaners on both sides. You will quickly decide free speech isn’t such a neat thing and your programming will reflect it in short order.
    2. Because NPR/PBS cannot be fully apolitical in its programming, there is no right and proper rationale for federal taxpayer money, assuming there is any kind of rationale. Sorry, but NO! That’s wrong.
    3. I’m in Georgia. I don’t care what CPBs formula might be. I have ZERO obligation to support a Boston public station with my federal tax return except voluntarily. As you might guess, I prefer to support my Georgia stations as I decide it deserves.
    4. Finally, roughly half of the $450-mill CPB tax funding was secured, this year, by selling federal T-bills into debt to notables like China. Now, if YOU are willing to pay this debt back and leave me alone, I might lighten up on my view. Point a finger at Congress and know this can no longer be ignored.

    Take note I’ve said nothing about Williams; I think NPR has every right to shape its staff as it sees fit. The only thing here that matters is how breathtakingly stupid it was handled with such intellectual bankruptcy, but I think you’ve been hearing a lot of that, lately. I am truly sorry for the trouble it has surely brought with fund-raising. You might find it productive to weigh in to NPR about it; start by demanding a drastic cut in program costs. That’s how the real world works.

    Also take note that I did not get ‘cute’ by suggesting that since you ‘don’t get federal funds’ (even though you do) then you won’t miss it. Market size doesn’t mean a thing to me … no taxpayer money in this shell game, any more.

    If I get my way in this, for the reasons I’ve stated, get ready to cut 6% of your expenses like the rest of us have had to do. I’m not happy in this, but there’s a real world out there.

  10. Bob

    Sir: As long as you’re doing research on the funding for NPR, I think you should check the indirect funding (mentioned in an earlier post), tax breaks (real estate, corporate income, etc.), medical care breaks (if any) and all other methods of indirect government subsidies. Don’t you think this would come closer to providing an accurate picture? And accuracy is your goal, isn’t it?

  11. Carpus

    I think some readers are missing the point. CPB provides funding to local station depending on need. WBUR, e.g. gets very little. Local stations then CHOOSE to purchase NPR content. If they don’t, then NPR gets no direct or indirect federal funds from that station. If you have a problem with this, then encourage your local station not to buy NPR content.

    You can still make the argument that congress should not fund the CPB. Fine. But that will leave big markets still able to purchase NPR content (like WBUR) while smaller markets will suffer. If you’re OK with that, fine. And yes, that will hurt NPR to a certain extent. However, I don’t think this can be called a ‘shell game': NPR is still not federally funded.

  12. Chris

    Conservatives appear to be the ones who want silence open dialogue and fact-based reporting to end. By continually targeting NPR, they show how uninterested they are in people learning what is really going on in the world and to think for themselves. Keep the electorate uninformed = they can do whatever they want.

    Besides, looks like Juan ended up fine with his 2 million dollar contract with Fox news (what a surprise!!!). Since Coombs left, they haven’t had a liberal whipping boy, hope he likes his new role as fox’s resident scapegoat.

  13. John

    Is this article supposed to prove the point that NPR has become a liberal sounding board? The gymnastics that you do to “prove” that the federal government doesn’t fund NPR is hilarious. The federal government funds CPB and CPB buys programming from NPR(“Station Programming Fees”). Therefore, federal government monies account for at least a portion of NPR funding. Congress could easily pass a law saying that CPB cannot buy programming from NPR to de fund NPR.

    Also, I’m sure a signficant portion of the grants (grants and contributions =10%) come either directly or indirectly from the federal government.

    Just because the federal government funds an intermediary that then funds NPR does not mean that the federal government does not provide funding to NPR. Indirect funding can still be cut off!

    Now, I know how you liberals like to tell us how stupid Palin is (and this column is just the latest attempt), but this particular attempt is rather lame.

  14. ahmed saadouni

    NPR is the only station I find in worth listening to,you feel that you are getting something important and informative unbiased.I encourage and support NPR for their unique programing.
    These people are making a big deal from this incident because it was about muslims, it is important to respect the first ammendment the free of speech when it comes to comments against muslims, but if you express that right on others, they are ready to sue you, and it is ok to fire you because you crossed the line, and you become an anti-semitic. what a logic…….

  15. walter bally

    Thanks for highlighting where your funding comes from Andrew. First, you surely cannot escape NPR’s hyprocrisy and blatant liberal to marxist bias in your programming, save for Car Talk. Secondly, you folks undoubtedly will have the ability, since you’re performing so very well, to garner the 6% privately from the free market (the market you so richly despise). Good luck to you… and to your so-called “underwriters” when we boycott all companies who CHOOSE to fund your propaganda.

  16. gary

    This just a silly game of semantics played by the author. The key question – do federal dollars find their way to NPR? The answer is yes.

  17. waxtadpole

    Mr. Phelps’ argument sounds a lot like the one against boycotting BP gas stations, and yet BP gas stations were boycotted and their owners were hurt. When individuals feel the need to make a statement, as in the aftermath of the Gulf oil spill and perhaps in the Juan Williams affair, they do it in the most tangible, expedient way possible and they will be heard. Distancing yourselves from NPR, or NPR hiding behind the skirts of its affiliates will have little impact. NPR’s handling of this matter has exposed it as the politically-correct, self-satisfied, oblivious-to-the-public, hegemonic radio dinosaur that it has been for years. Member stations chose to cast their lot with the NPR empire, so it should come as no surprise that they could be hurt by that association.

  18. Hired Mind

    “NPR receives no direct funding from the federal government for operations.”

    Thanks for that incredibly Microsofty answer: technically correct, but totally beside the point.
    CPB receives 100% of its funding from the federal government, and NPR receives about 6% of its funding from CPB.

    Since this amount it so small, why not give it up, and eliminate any controversy over federal dollars? If it’s so small, will NPR even miss it?


  19. Joe OSullivan

    I am just very, very sad that the once proud Democratic Party that my father fought to build has been hijacked by a bunch of boneheaded elitists. Not unlike when the Republican Party was hijacked by Religious Right Wing extremists. My dad campaigned for Jack and Ted in Boston along with other hard working blue collar workers. To see it comandeered by these self-important, condescending socialists would have broken his heart

  20. dave crowson

    What does firing Juan Williams have to do with how NPR is funded. Americans have a horrible case of ADD.

  21. DC

    The claim of no Federal money going to NPR fails the giggle test. The “station programming fees” are paid by stations that are non-commercial non-profits! Where DO the stations get the money? Some of it from private donations, but mostly CPB! The presence of federal money in “public broadcasting” is THE ENTIRE BUDGET of CPB minus the contributions that can be traced back to voluntary donations, interest income, and the endowment.

    BTW, I applaud Hired Mind’s addition to the English language: Microsofty. I knew exactly what the term meant as soon as I read it.

    Now that we know that most of the “Station Programming Fees” are second hand CPB dollars, let’s go back to the pie chart. To me, it looks like the Federal component of NPR is nearly 50%!

    I think there is a lot of soiled underwear at CPB, NPR, PBS, and all of their member stations. No doubt Ms. Schiller is getting some angry phone calls from all of the above. Mr. Williams landed on his feet almost instantly. I have serious doubts about public broadcasting and its ability to weather the storm.

  22. Dan Phillips

    First: the idea that NPR has a liberal bias is not supportable by fact. Period. The only time I’ve ever heard Huckabee speak was on NPR, for instance (I don’t watch broadcast or cable TV). Second: local public radio stations broadcast content from multiple sources, including NPR, PRI, BBC, other stations, and of course their own self-produced content. So, de-funding local stations isn’t a direct path to NPR. Third: the station programming fees come partially from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and partially from local donations (from listeners like me!). As noted in the main post, the balance between the two varies from station to station. So, that 40% chunk isn’t all federal money.

  23. Anthony Adams

    The right wing media and the conservatives have a great hatred for anyone and anything that does not tow their line and duplicate them. Their usage of such cutesy little graqde school phrases like
    Lamestream Media, Drive By Media, and aquisations that everyone other than FOX Network is out to turn our country socialist. On the surface, it is rather comical. Bil O’Reilly nearly poped a vien shouting that he want Obama to eliminate the NPR “right now – today.”

    The vast majority of funding for NPR and PBS comes from grants and from viewer contributions. To say they are funded by the government is simply a lie – no two ways about it. It is very untrue. I worked for an NPR station a few years back and I KNOW where the money comes from. Everyone was always complaining about how little funding came from the government. So really, it is funny wo watch these radicals make even bigger fools of themself – again.

  24. Anthony Adams

    It is funny how, in all these comments, no one has the guts to mention how fight wing and extreme FOX News is. Talk about bias! jIt is pretty bad when on-air personalities (I refuse to call them news reports or journalists) call our president a Nazi while altering photosw to make him look like Hitler. Calling him a communist and a monkey and lobbing personal insults at his wife Michelle. Not to mention the out right lies, distortion, and self-created data they present as facts. hen ever Bill O’Rielly shouts “I never said that,” Mon Stewart mangaged to pull up about a dozen clips of him saying exactly what he is denying – and on the air.

    We have come to a very, very sad social situation in this country and I do not see it improving for some time. The bad wrecked economy is one thing, but such voiced and demonstrated hate of fellow Americans is the stuff of third world nations. Maybe that is where the US is headed.

  25. ursula

    Funny that no one ever points out that zero, none, nada, of the 9/11 terrorists were dressed in “Islamic Garb”.

    So I think Mr. Williams can rest assured that the people that show up in their religious “garb” are not the ones he should be afraid of. Not that Palin would understand the difference.

  26. Brent

    Now NPR’s marketing vs. PAC message.
    Coporations benifit from a halo effect.
    NPR demographics indicate the typical listner is white, over the age of 45, highly educated with almost double the national median income level.
    NPR’s advocacy page tells listeners that federally funding of its member stations is critical for operations and without it, the Urban poor would be deprived of quality programming.
    So the NPR PAC says the urban poor would be hurt, but the audience is highly educated and upper middle class. Sneaky and I think unethical.
    All of this information is from the NPR member station finance page and the advocacy page.
    Would you like to comment on this?

  27. Brent

    To be clear, NPR receives Federal, state and local funding. NPR admits to 2% of their 145 million annual budget is direct federal funding. Its the indirect funding that makes up the majority of NPR’s funding.
    NPR could not function nationally without the 100% federally funded The Public Radio Satellite System. The government pays for it and turned the ongoing managment of the system to NPR. Again, indirect funding, not direct. The operative word being direct vs. indirect.

  28. Brent

    Ask NPR or its member stations how much it costs private radio stations to purchase/lease a FM radio spectrum license from the FTC. That total (millions) is another form of indirect funding. If NPR looses its federal funding it will go off the air, but the upside to tax payers is that the treasury would start receiving millions of dollars in income tax, FTC license fees and programming fees from for profit radio stations and that money could be used to help reduce the federal budget shortfall each year. NPR contributes to this deficit spending. This money could be used to finance healthcare insurance for the poor. Instead its used for a public radio and TV that less than 1% of the population uses compared to for profit media sources.

  29. Ben

    The right has tried for decades to “defund” NPR. For the information of those ignorant right wingers on this page – all non-profits do not pay taxes. For example, the secret funds that have poured $285 million into hate ads attacking Democrats pay no taxes. The c top top secret funds that channel foreign donations from Saudi Arabia into Republican campaigns nationwide do not pay taxes (or have to reveal their foreign sources of money – such as the one run by Anita Hill which pays Justice Thomas to vote their way). That is not an argument at all. If you want to ban the existence of NPO’s, then do so, but to attack only those you perceive as liberal is politics pure and simple. Competing for Grants is NOT the same as federal financing. The granting organizations can always just not make the grants. 80%+ of grant money goes to Republican districts and causes because of mechanisms put in place under Gingrich and Bush which compel the continued funding of Republican grants which were once funded under Gingrich’s rule – this was part of his “defunding the left” campaign. If you want to eliminate all grant money – do it – singling out only organizations which do not adhere to the Gingrich/Rove/Murdoch political line is politics pure and simple. To “defund” NPR special legislation would have to block all institutions from giving money to public radio – a form of legislation that Gingrich/Rove/Murdoch has=ve opposed tooth and nail for thirty years so they could keep giving money to subsidize political and religious education among KKK members and the neo-nazi parties of the south and Idaho. I’m in favor of eliminating ALL grants – left and right.

    Subsidies – what a crock – what crass partisan political hypocrisy. The greatest blight on America, the cause of 60% of the increase in health premiums, the greatest scourge on and threat to our society is Tobacco and the Republican right is addicted to subsidizing Tobacco above even their subsidies to the christian fundamentalist terror movement. If you want subsidies eliminated – say so – but singling out programs that are not christian fundamentalist, insurrectionist or terror training oriented (as are most right wing groups), is politics pure and simple. I favor eliminating ALL government subsidies for commercial businesses like Tobacco and Milk, as well as politico-religious causes and organizations. End subsidies to religious schools, the exemptions for churches, no subsidies for NPR, nothing for Tobacco, nothing for Milk, nothing for Wheat, nothing for creationist religious indoctrination. End it all. To say otherwise is crass partisan politics at its most base.

  30. Ben

    One more thing – No commercial Broadcaster pays a penny in license fees for their license. No commercial Broadcaster paid a penny to acquire their licenses. No commercial Broadcaster is obliged to hold any political view and prohibited from holding a view if they so choose. There are over 450 religious “broadcasters” who pay no license fee, paid nothing for their licenses to begin with, pay no taxes and preach insane ideas like creation science, hatred of blacks (the sons of Ham as they say), homophobia, support only right wing political; issues and indalge in patently false and craven exploitation of believers with such arrant nonsense as faith healing and perpetual motion. Hundreds of them are on college campuses; all of them are on tax exempt land (which NPR stations generally are not). End their subsidies, take away their licenses, stop the government subsidy and establishment of religion. Unlike NPR, the US Constitution actually PROHIBITS funding of religious Broadcasters and yet we do it. End it all I say – no NPR, no religious broadcasters of any stripe ever. Auction off the digital airwaves like every other country in the world did and charge an annual; license fee for the use of public facilities like every other country in the world. Same rules for all.

  31. Mark

    Thanks Brent. It never occurred to me when I followed a link called “Fact Check” regarding NPR funding that the actual facts would be in the comments. Ironically, the blatant spin that this “journalist” Phelps puts on NPR funding is itself a microcosm of exactly why public funding needs to be removed.

    If Phelps is either incapable of understanding the economic model or is unwilling to talk about it transparently, I have no interest in paying his salary with my own labor – which is effectively what’s happening.

  32. Mark

    @Ben, I’m with you on eliminating all grants periods. There is only a small handful of activities that are truly essential for the government to take care of. It is the other 10,000 activities from welfare to retirement accounts to health insurance to grants like these that turn the whole thing into a dysfunctional mess and turn half the population against the other half.

    We fight among ourselves because our fortunes are tied to together artificially. We are like 300 million people trying to run one of those three legged races.

    I don’t want the leftist megaphone of NPR funded in any way shape or form. I’m sure you don’t want a similar right-leaning organization funded either. So rather than duke it out, lets just get our money back and we can individually fund whoever we choose. Who ever said we needed the government to do that for us anyway?

    Any way you slice it – government is the problem.

  33. carolinason

    so what if npr gets money from the federal gov’t indirectly or directly. fox news pundits are not their bosses. because one of their own gets fired, for whatever reason, they want to destroy the service. it’s a sad day in our world, when we promote such adolescent behavior.

  34. Mark

    @carolinason people interested in individual liberty, local choice and a central government that is subservient to its states have fought to destroy state run media whenever and wherever it has existed. Juan Williams and Fox have nothing more to do with it than serving to shine a light on it this week.

  35. Elizabeth T.

    Perhaps all of the conservative / right-wing programs which *also* receive federal grants should refuse them?

  36. Rocky T

    If Juan Williams was fired by Fox, all we would hear 24/7 would be “Racists!!”

    But of course being far Left, NPR gets a totally free pass to fire the black man for a bogus, trumped-up transgression that harmed nobody.

    There is no excuse for taking federal tax money from someone in another state and handing it over to a propaganda organ in Boston. If NPR can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas, they need to go bankrupt.

    We all know NPR is incapable of competing on a level playing field. Where is Air America, and all the other failed purveyors of anti-American socialism? Down the tubes, eh?

    De-fund all government subsidies of ALL broadcasters! Conservative outlets don’t need it, and liberals can not survive without it. Communists are nothing but Socialists in a hurry – and they’re using the tax payments of productive citizens to turn America into Euroweenieland – or worse.

    Enough! De-fund NPR now. They can sink or swim like everyone else.

  37. Myfanwy

    PBS had ample reason to fire Williams based solely on his moonlighting as an analyst on Fox. NPR has high standards for its journalists, and a person styling himself as an “analyst” for Fox (eschewer of editorial fact-checking, purveyor of outrageous unsupported “truths,” and employer of “entertainers” masquerading as legitimate journalists) had already compromised his journalistic integrity. Analysts are supposed to be dispassionate and ought not interject personal opinions into the role. Besides that, Fox, with its alternative view of reality, is antithetical to NPR’s journalistic ideal.

  38. Myfanwy

    PBS had ample reason to fire Williams based solely on his moonlighting as an analyst on Fox. NPR has high standards for its journalists, and a person styling himself as an “analyst” for Fox (eschewer of editorial fact-checking, purveyor of outrageous unsupported “truths,” and employer of “entertainers” masquerading as legitimate journalists) had already compromised his journalistic integrity. Analysts are supposed to be dispassionate and ought not to interject personal opinions into the role. Besides that, Fox, with its alternative view of reality, is antithetical to NPR’s journalistic ideal.

  39. zeke

    Yea Yea We all know that NPR does not get “DIRECT FUNDING” from tax payers dollars, but the CPB gets tax payer dollars. Then the CPB gives it to NPR. Should we call that laundering money?

  40. DavidT

    As you can find out elsewhere, the CPB grants make up 1.5% of NPR’s 2009 budget. Not exactly a major component.

    Considering that Faux News most likely receives a lot more money in tax breaks from the federal government, isn’t it more important, to those claiming the government should be involved in biased broadcasting, that we should end that too?

  41. terri bress

    What was it about that slippery slope? With the election results we will now see one group who puts aside their ideological differences to get rid of anything and everything they don’t like. If Mr. Williams had announced that we were racially profiling muslim appearing travelers Palin and Huckabee would have seen to it he was fired from their network, black or not. As a moderate I am very scared that our country is now going to turn into a one-party, mind controlling police state where no opposition or independent thinking will be tolerated. God help the U.S.A.

  42. Maya9

    Did you actually bother to read the article? NPR does NOT receive federal funding. It receives some grants from federal money, which makes up a very small percentage of their revenue and is not part of their budget.

    Have you even ever listened to NPR? No sane person could call NPR “far left”, unless you think that anyone who disagrees with FOX News must be far left.

    1. Wycheck89yo

      Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Anything that isn’t extreme right is extreme left to them. That’s why congress is all messed up. We can’t have moderate conservatives, so all conservatives are forced to toe the line with this corporate sponsored AstroTurfing at the risk of being called a RINO and losing that Koch Bros. corporate funding. Does the top .5% really get more of a voice than the rest of us? Do people like Rocky T really fight this passionately to give up their own slice of the pie to the richest of the rich? Yes. Yes they do. That’s how propaganda works. We have less freedom as US citizens than any socialist country in Europe because of the corporate interests who control our government. But Rocky doesn’t know that because Fox doesn’t report it.

  43. Rlfultz

    You really think these folks give a hoot about Williams? He is just a tool for their agenda. Which is a bleak, fear mongering vision of a christian tough love world based on true faith.

  44. david

    Direct, versus indirect kind of sounds like a shell game.
    I suppose it would be nice if the government could fund everything, and many people think they should, but I think most sane people can see where that has gotten us. We talk in Trillions now.
    You don’t have to start somewhere with cuts…you have to start EVERYWHERE!

    1. bob smith

      “Everywhere” except the subsidies that benefit politicians districts or the absurdly expensive wars the faux-conservatives continue to champion.

  45. Carribeth

    Good Heaven’s folks, check the facts. 1.5% of the total budget. Obviously if Congress cuts funding to CPB I don’t see NPR going anywhere. I think this was probably coming for a long time, and the unfortunate remark Mr. Williams made may have just been that last thing that pushed it over the edge. I’ve been there, I was a manager for 13 years and I’ve had folks who worked for me who clearly were not going in the same direction as the organization and our goals. You keep them on board as long as you can, but at some point you have to realize – how long can you keep trying to walk forward together when you’re both clearly acknowledging by your actions that you don’t even want to go to the same place? And remember – all this drama about who was right and wrong makes for GREAT TV. I for one will not be getting pulled in.

  46. J Williams100

    NPR does recieve federal funding through grants from the Corporation of Public Broadcasting so enough said about that. Since it is such a small percentage of their funding sources what is the big deal about ending the little federal funding they do get? There should be no federal funding of the Corporation of Public Broadcasting which in turn funds PBS and NPR, especially when MoveOn.org is fighting to keep this funding source. MoveOn.org’s involvement only proves what those on the right have been saying about public broadcasting , that it is a tool of the left. Our tax dollars should not be used to fund broadcasting of left or right propaganda.

    1. struveinsky1

      Funny. I don’t see any democratic politicians hired on staff at NPR. I don’t see propaganda on NPR’s news outlets. I don’t want a dime of my tax dollars going to buy ads on FOXNEWS then. Where’s your outrage over that?

  47. carol churchill

    This is a very strong appeal not to cut any federal spending which goes to the support of CPB. This is a democracy and those of us who believe in the right to one’s opinion and the right to listen to all sides to a story value NPR and the wonderful presentations on educational television. In this part of the world WBUR is a staple of one’s daily informational diet.

    1. UR Fallacous Thought

      If that is the case then federal funding should go to all radio stations, not just to NPR which is just one point of view. Why should my tax dollars go to pay for one point of view?

    2. Disgruntled Vet

      Then send them your money. There is no reason for them to get mine. I don’t agree with their point of view 90% of the time. The government has no business being in the broadcast arena. There are plenty of companies that will jump at the opportunity to buy ad time on NPR and PBS. The government is failing at every turn and providing money, through grant or funding, to these media outlets is fraud, waste and abuse of tax payers money.

      1. Struveinsky1

        The government isn’t involved in this. NPR is independent. I’m sorry that actual objective journalism doesn’t jive with your bias. Plus, one of the attractions of NPR is precisely that it does NOT have advertising. Your logic is bogus.

  48. Halbhh

    internet “space” ??

    ??? Are you talking about the infinite internet space, or some imagined space of your own?

  49. Ch754

    It PBS “really” doesn’t receive any federal funding, then it won’t hurt for congress to pass a bill to stop funding it will it now?

  50. M

    Interesting. The wars cost us $653 Billion dollars. Medicaid cost is about $400 Billion. While the Bush tax cuts for the rich cost Trillions of dollars. Let’s say we cut the measily bit of NPR funding, whatever it is. Folks, it ain’t gonna make a dent in the deficit. The republicans are playing games with the American people. Cutting NPRs budget is nothing more than a Scott Walker move to pretend to the budget, when really all the republicans want to do is hurt the Democratic Party by trying to cut off the unions, and then cut off their perceived vision that NPR is liberal. This is nothing more than a symbolic attack on Democrats. Cutting NPRs funding will do nothing. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for buying into this discussion instead of seeing it for what it really is. The republicans need to raise taxes on the rich and cut defense & health cuts. After all, they are against the Health care act, which is costing Americans $1.6 trillion a year…and growing. The republicans like to say cut “Obamacare”, but they haven’t offered up anything to take its place and it’s the biggest hole in our budget: health care. When will republicans grow up and learn how to count and do math. Such a pathetic party. Cutting NPRs spending will do nothing to the budget. Absolutely nothing and you all know it.

  51. Lee Hawley

    If you don’t like Fox, don’t watch it. I don’t. They don’t get my attention or my money. The problem is, NPR DOES get my money. 

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