19 Reasons Massachusetts Is Awesome

NPR’s Sonari Glinton learned a lot about our city while on loan to WBUR for the summer — including the fact that Boston is No. 1 for Complainers. He gathered statistical evidence that Massachusetts is truly great. Update: Hey, turns out this list is 20! –AP

I grew up in Chicago, which suffers from a legendary inferiority complex as the “second city” to New York. Boston, of course, has a similar complex. No matter how many times you tell people not to compare the cities, Bostonians inevitably do.

So if you’re going to insist on comparing Boston or Massachusetts to the rest of the country, it fares incredibly well. With the aid of our newsroom super intern, Chase Gregory, I have compiled the following list of awesome facts:

  • No 1: College graduation rate statewide
  • No 1: State funding of public transportation
  • No. 5: Best cities for young professionals (Yuppie Central)
  • No. 104: Highest crime rate (rougher than New York, nicer than Detroit)
  • No. 4: Best state for women’s earnings
  • No. 5: Children who are read to every day, percentage
  • No. 12: Most restaurants
  • No. 41: Cost of living
  • No. 7: Large companies
  • No. 3: Elite graduates
  • No. 8: Average income
  • No. 10: Classic movie theaters and drive-ins
  • No. 9: Miss USA wins
  • No. 47 (of 51): Percentage of homes that are mobile homes (This is the best stat.)
  • No. 44 (of 51): U.S. presidents by primary association
  • No. 9 (of 51): patents issued
  • No. 4: Number of large-truck facilities
  • 2nd to last: Teen birth rate
  • 8th to last: Obesity
  • Of the 20 safest cities in the United States, six are in Massachusetts.

So stop complaining.

12 thoughts on “19 Reasons Massachusetts Is Awesome

  1. Nick Knight

    It seems us Mass commiees know a thing about running a State. To the right wing, please don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  2. Chuck Farris

    The one drawback, there is little late night life in Boston. The bars close at 2 am, the T shuts down at 12:01 am. The message seems to be – no decent people are doing or drinking anything past 11:30 at night. Go home! It is a provincial stance for a city that wants to be world-class. I especially don’t like that, when the early closing time in Boston is mentioned as a impediment, retorts seem to imply that dissenters are immature or have alcohol abuse issues, again a provincial response (and I like and live near Boston!)

  3. T. Northington Leslie

    The commonwealth is a great State in the union in regards to development. However, there is a strong dissention and inequality as massachusetts strives to be a leader in a global society. Specifically, in the employment structure; i.e diversity, social lives in urban communities, and poor leadership within the black communities has followed suite to the patronage that dominates the culture in Boston. Although, Massachusetts is a birthplace in the history of this nation!? The commonwealth still has a longway to go….as we strive to be a leader in a global society. There is “no common” in the “commonwealth”.

  4. Jackson

    I would add that Springfield, Massachusetts, is in the midst of a resurgence. From what I’ve seen via regular commutes from Boston, Springfield is quickly becoming a very attractive and walkable mid-sized city – diverse, eclectic, and great architecture.
    Currently, Springfield is very safe compared with its peer cities (Hartford, New Haven,) and arguably has more to see and do (e.g. historic sites from King Phillip’s War, Shay’s Rebellion, the Springfield Armory, the Quadrangle Museums, and the Basketball Hall of Fame .) The city also has four colleges, Tufts Medical School, and the Olmsted-designed Forest Park, which is nearly as large as Central Park and in my opinion, just as pretty.

    Greater Boston and Greater Springfield are Massachusetts’ only “metropolitan areas.” Both have improved greatly during the past 5 years – Springfield’s improvements are more dramatic once you get off the highway and into the city.

  5. Exceria

    All of these things being said about a state. So much you wouldn’t think we wouldn’t notice? Honestly, where ever you guys come from. Touche, we could say the same about you. Not every state is ‘Bright and Happy”. We’re still recovering from a Terrorist Bombing, and 2 Tornadoes. You can say all you want about us, Its the internet, and Im curious what you have to say. Just know that Karma is a bitch, and it will find you which ever way possible.