This Penguin Is Just Chillin' (Video)

Roast Beef, one of the newest baby penguins at the New England Aquarium, made a public appearance today in front of Faneuil Hall. It may be 80+ degrees, but Roast Beef was looking cool in his air-conditioned penguin-mobile.

His nickname is “The Ladies’ Man,” says Jeff Prasnal, of the New England Aquarium, with a thick Boston accent: “He is absolutely a bachelor. Loves the attention. He is who he is and he won’t change for nobody.”

Penguins mate for life, but Roast Beef is still playing the field. “There’s a lot of little ladies for him to keep occupied with, and he is one of our better-looking gentlemen penguins, so he does quite well for himself,” Prasnal says.

Video by Jeff Carpenter for WBUR.

Update: A spokeswoman for the Aquarium e-mails me with a gentle correction: “Roast Beef isn’t a baby. He’s an adult penguin and often makes trips to schools for educational events. What was new about today’s event was the cool, air-conditioned, penguin mobile he was in – that was our first time using it.”

Hubbub is embarrassed. But come on, he’s an awfully small adult.

Kudos to superchill intern Marielle Segarra for her reporting.

3 thoughts on “This Penguin Is Just Chillin' (Video)

  1. Jade McAllistar

    How is he a small adult? Have you seen a lot of adult African penguins? He’s actually pretty standard for an adult. Then again, you don’t live in South Africa, so I wouldn’t expect you to know. For all I know all lobsters are 50 lbs because i saw one in Cape Town in a glass case one time…

    1. Andrew Phelps

      Jade, you are right. I do not purport to know very much about penguins. I look at Roast Beef and think, “That is a small animal.” And I want to hug him.